Development, Communications, and Strategy For Cultural and Humanities Institutions and Mission-Driven Organizations.

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Development, communications, and marketing are strategic components of any organization. For cultural institutions, human service agencies and mission-driven organizations, though, these functionalities often turn into “add-on” responsibilities taken on by staff from various departments who in turn wear other hats.

We understand, which is why we offer many of the services generally performed within a development or marketing department within such organizations. We also offer services à la carte to organizations in these industries that have a solid understanding on development, but require a strategic direction and assistance in either tactical execution or creation of new ideas.

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We specialize in strategic and tactical planning for cultural and humanities institutions and mission-driven organizations. These industries are more similar than you might think.

If your interest is primarily in the way something looks, we won’t be a fit. We focus on words, strategy, and organizational development — and we do not subscribe to the notion of writing “copy.” Copywriters abound, and our interest and expertise is in how your ideas, words, and business connects with the larger (w)hole(s) in society.

If you are interested in fiscal sustainability, developing inclusive cultural experiences, saving/enhancing lives, or making a tangible difference in your community with your service(s) and/or product(s), we would love to talk. Along the way, we may design a website, write a grant, develop a communication campaign, offer board training, or secure corporate sponsors for a program we will help you build.

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How will you measure success?


Great ideas unlock great potential.


Charting a course is the first step in any journey.


Missing a piece of the puzzle? Let’s find it.


Knowing where you are helps predict next steps.


We turn large ideas into actionable plans.

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“Exponential Squared has provided me with tremendous and actionable insights into many aspects of our operation.”

Dr. Robert Costanzo, UYM Charities Board President