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Life is too short to not follow one’s dreams, which is why it is important to not settle for anything less than what you feel you deserve in both your life and at work.

If you do not follow your dreams, you may in fact cause problems that will ultimately create strife in all sectors of your life. Productivity at work? It will suffer big time if you feel you are cut off from what you seek. Often times now, however, we are encouraged to somehow accept less as a means to a greater end with the idea that our acceptance of less is some sort of penance.

Frankly, I find such reasoning faulty in several ways. For one, at what point are we old enough to decide we would like to pursue our life and work goals? 30 years of age? 40? We spend a lifetime waiting to become adults–and yet when we do, we are then told we must for the proverbial “Godot.”

We are often told it is not practical to change careers in mid life. Recently, I changed some of my life and work circumstances, and I have experienced a seismic shift in my personality that is only possible, I conjecture, because I went after my dreams. I stopped crunching numbers, calculating probabilities for success and decided to pursue a life in words and ideas.

It has been the best and worst of times, as Dickens might have characterized it. Sometimes, the best life and work strategy is to follow one’s heart.