At Exponential Squared, we love to help people and businesses achieve their goals.

We are different than other marketing companies, though, as our emphasis is on business development. Sure, we can build you a website or a great looking promotional flyer, but do these things necessarily build your business? They can–but not without a strategy.

We specialize in helping small to medium sized companies and nonprofits achieve significant and sustainable outcomes. We take new tools and technology and use proven as well as creative, out of the box business development strategies to connect people and businesses with the communities they serve.


For small to medium size businesses and nonprofits, we offer business development packages that start at $250/month. These are year long partnerships that provide strategic and tactical support in the areas of web design, PR communications, print materials, social media and more. Do you need a website? Do you need a promotional flyer? Do you need a Facebook page? You probably do, but what you really need is a business plan to develop your business infrastructure


In order to affect sustainable changes in the workplace, we frame our investigations within a growing body of evidence and research known as Organizational Development (OD). OD represents a deliberately planned effort to help organizations systematically manage change to improve their efficiency and performance. Our expertise lies in several interrelated areas, including Culture Change, Employee Motivation, Strategic Planning, and Nonprofit Board Development.


Good old fashion storytelling is still important, but what business owner has time to weave that narrative thread within the community? If strategically presented, stories in the form of press releases can not only entice editors to want to know more about you and your business, they can help build meaningful connections with like-minded businesses. We are also different in that we connect businesses we represent with one another within the stories we create and in business opportunities we source through our other company divisions. 


Not interested in a year long partnership? That’s okay. We are happy to build a website, create a brochure, or optimize your website for SEO. Have a question after a job is finished? We will not nickel or dime you. Ask away. We are there for you long after a job is complete.

(Re)discover your personal mission in life and connect it with your business…


  • American Independence Museum

  • Artisan Electrical

  • Brie’s Boutique

  • Chase Home for Children

  • Children’s Mental Health Network

  • Fair Tide

  • Gi Indoccio

  • Live Free or Die Alliance

  • New England Hockeymates

  • New Hampshire Art Association (NHAA)

  • New Heights

  • New Hampshire Career and Technical Centers

  • New Hampshire Parenting Support Center

  • No Finish Line Running

  • Positive Moms

  • Seacoast Counseling

  • The Forum

  • Tradeport Counseling and Mediation Associates


  • Whole Life Health Care

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

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