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Marketing and organizational development are strategic components of any organization and often work in concert with one another. Our mission is simple. We help businesses achieve their goals. To achieve this broad mission, we strive to develop the marketing materials, strategies, and organizational development infrastructure needed for any business to achieve significant and sustainable outcomes. In other words, we produce measurable outcomes mutually agreed upon and defined before any work begins.


Content-Driven Strategies

The term ‘marketing’ is often ubiquitous, which confuses its meaning and makes the process behind it seem more complicated than necessary. EXPONENTIAL2 offers strategic marketing services with an emphasis on creating fresh, memorable content for use in media and PR campaigns, social media, e-blasts, websites, blogs, and promotional materials, including brochures, business cards, sell sheets, flyers, etc.


All phases of marketing communications must be actively and thoughtfully managed to help you achieve your business goals. At its root, marketing is a core business function, and yet it often is an “add-on” responsibility taken on by staff from various departments who in turn wear other hats. With this in mind, we interpret your communication needs and develop an appropriate strategy that aligns with and supports your overall business objectives.


Event planning requires extraordinary attention to details and logistics. This does not mean it is rocket science; rather, it simply means the entire process must be approached in a linear fashion. Point A connects to point B and so on. Everything should first connect at the conceptual level, or it is a guarantee that the event itself will not work.

In planning an event, several questions must be asked, including what is its purpose. Is it to raise funds? Thank customers? Attract new clientele? Answering these questions will to a large extent determine the entire planning process and increase the likelihood for success.

Of course, those are just some of the questions that must be asked. Other questions include what type of event do you want to create? One that involves dinner? Or sponsors? A silent or live auction? Answering these questions is not difficult, but solving the issues that will arise in planning the event takes time–and time is money.

With years worth of experience planning events, including formulating appropriate budgets to ensure the numbers add up, EXPONENTIAL2 can provide cost-effective support to ensure success as you define it.


With a staff that boasts backgrounds in journalism, media relations, marketing, social media, photography, graphic design, and organizational development, EXPONENTIAL2 offers the following support:


Creation and Dissemination of Press Releases

There is much more to a press release than simply penning several paragraphs of prose that announce something you feel is newsworthy. Rather, press releases are strategic instruments you can deploy to advance your mission, while announcing something that is newsworthy because you have developed a hook that connects your message with a topic that will catch the eye of an editor. Crafting a well-written release and knowing where to send it requires valuable time that managers and owners could spend focusing on tasks that better reflect their core strengths.

Relationship Building with Journalists and Editors

You have in your possession a well-crafted press release. Now what? You can certainly blast it out to every email address, or you can call some editors, reporters, and others in the industry and make some story pitches. You have about 20 seconds to make an impression. Are you sure what the next step would be? What is going to sell an editor or journalist on your story and consequently elect to use you as an expert reference? Building relationships is not rocket science, but it does take time.

Creation and Management of Social Media Platforms

We work with all social media platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Social media is similar to a black hole in terms of the amount of time you can spend putting into it without any expectation of getting anything back in return. If used wisely and appropriately, social media can, however, be an asset to your business. The key is to work together to strategize how it best fits within your overall business strategy.

If all you are looking for is strategy, we can help. However, in our experience, we have found that the amount of time it takes to craft well-written content within the social media realm takes a lot more time than many people realize. From strategy to creation of fresh content to delivery, we can help you leverage the power and potential of social media in ways that demystify the entire process. Social media does not have to be confusing.


Development of Print Materials

All you need is a simple poster to post around town. No problem – until you get started. Graphic design is more than choosing colors and arranging graphics around text. It can be a battle for space, as you want to promote your business, but you have inadequate room in which to say everything you want to say AND have it look good. For most companies, graphic design is a tool to achieve a very specific end, and so it is not necessary to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing materials. Regardless of what you need in terms of graphic design, we can create beautiful materials that help tell your story.

Website Design

We specialize in creating clean, elegant websites. Our websites are built on the WordPress platform, which enables clients–even those without any technical background–to make edits themselves (if so desired). Initial training is provided as well as ongoing support (no fees associated in answering basic questions or offering simple, periodic assistance).

One advantage in choosing us is that we not only design websites, we have professional writers on staff with specific experience writing web copy. In crafting the look and feel of your desired website, we can either develop new verbage or adjust language you have developed to help create the best experience for visitors to your site.


A picture can quite literally say a thousand words. We offer professional photography services to help tell your story. Whether you want compelling imagery on your website, within brochures or electronic communications, we can help tell your story in a way that can set you apart from others. In addition, we are happy to supply you with a disc of high resolution images that are yours to keep and use at your discretion in the future.


In order for an organization to move forward, it is sometimes necessary to take a step back to get a sense of the entire picture.

Organizational Development

In order to affect sustainable changes in the workplace, EXPONENTIAL2 frames its investigations within a growing body of evidence and research known as Organizational Development (OD). OD represents a deliberately planned effort to help organizations systematically manage change to improve its efficiency and performance. While change in general is composed of action steps, it is more appropriately viewed as an ongoing process we help businesses manage for themselves to produce measurable, long-term outcomes, which include several or all of the following:

  • Increased employee job satisfaction

  • Updated business/strategic plan creation

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Improvement in quality and productivity

  • Improvement in communication

  • Enhanced, more cohesive organization culture

Organizational Cultural Change

Sometimes, an organization requires a complete culture change and/or shift, which means EXPONENTIAL2 must look very closely at an organization’s goals, roles, processes, values, attitudes and assumptions. In order to affect a true culture change/shift within an organization, all appropriate tools for change must be utilized–and the order in which these tools are utilized is critical for long-term, sustainable success.
Some of the outcomes we work to achieve within an organizational culture change project include:

  • Clear vision with mechanisms to share it through creative leadership story telling

  • New systems and processes that support and reinforce this vision of the future

  • Creative horizontal channels of communication rather than through top-down commands

  • Clearly defined managerial roles as enablers of self-organizing teams



We develop larger concepts within which we frame our services to select clients–both current and prospective–whose missions may be conceptually linked with those of other organizations. This synergistic approach to marketing is grounded in the idea that effective marketing must be grounded in principles of business development. What this means is we do not simply “blast out” press releases or promotional flyers; rather, we actively look for ways to connect our clients with one another and the larger communities they serve.


Our current project, “Med-Art”, brings together the medical and artist communities to generate unique stories you will not find anywhere else. These stories can not only be used across all marketing platforms, they will actively engage and attract the media.

Why bring these two communities together? The idea is that both these communities care about people and heal folks in different ways–in fact, the medical community is increasingly interested in holistic methods of healing, including art therapy–so why not bring these groups together?

We look for the connections between our clients in these fields and create a synergy that benefits both. An example of how this could work is artists within “Med-Art” would show their art at a medical facility–this would generate enough interest for press coverage. Perhaps the medical facility has recently added a new service and would like to present an art show in celebration of this new service–this would generate more press coverage. By itself, promoting a new art show or medical service may not be attract the attention of the media or community at large. Combine art with medicine and now you have a story that engages people and will be remembered.

This is but one example of how this strategy works–and we employ this kind of thinking in everything we do. We do not market services. We tell stories and engage people’s hearts and minds. It is not magic. It is strategy and it is what makes EXPONENTIAL2 different.


  • American Independence Museum

  • Artisan Electrical

  • Brie’s Boutique

  • Chase Home for Children

  • Children’s Mental Health Network

  • Fair Tide

  • Gi Indoccio

  • Live Free or Die Alliance

  • New England Hockeymates

  • New Hampshire Art Association (NHAA)

  • New Heights

  • New Hampshire Career and Technical Centers

  • New Hampshire Parenting Support Center

  • No Finish Line Running

  • Positive Moms

  • Seacoast Counseling

  • The Forum

  • Tradeport Counseling and Mediation Associates


  • Whole Life Health Care

“We needed a company that could help us think big without losing sight of small, critically important details. Exponential has delivered.”

Robert Costanzo, PhD, UYM CHARITIES Board President

“Your ability to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits makes this process so much easier.”

Bev Barney, Executive Director, Children's Mental Health Network

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