Are you struggling to achieve sustainable growth and maximize your impact?

Business development is a strategic tool that can drive the success and sustainability of your organization.

With our expertise and strategic approach, Exponential Squared will help you unlock the full potential of business development to fuel your growth and create lasting change.

Our creative process of inquiry results in tailored development solutions that will revolutionize the way your organization thrives, expands, and achieves its goals.

Areas Of Expertise

Marketing and fundraising are supported by the process of development. Broadly defined, development is the careful nurturing and building of relationships over time between organizations and donors/philanthropists/customers.

In a sense, development could also be seen as separate from marketing and fundraising. Effective development often results in meaningful relationships that could be characterized as friendships that are essential to the long-term sustainability of organizations.

Grant Writing

Grants can amplify your organization’s impact, scale your initiatives, and create sustainable change.

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Nonprofits can leverage grant opportunities for research and development projects, swift responses to crises, and enhance infrastructure and equipment. Grants also facilitate collaborations, advocacy campaigns, and awareness initiatives.

Customer/Donor Relations

Through personalized engagement strategies, we create meaningful touchpoints that foster loyalty and commitment to your organization.
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Community support, impact measurement for nonprofits, and social responsibility are all bolstered by strong customer and donor relations. Access to opportunities and diversified support networks are additional benefits, enhancing organizational resilience.

Relationship Building

We can help you build strong, enduring partnerships that will propel your organization.

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Positive relationships contribute to adaptability in changing market conditions, facilitate reputation management, and open doors to new opportunities. In competitive markets, positive relationships are crucial to enhancing customer and stakeholder preference. 

Public Relations

We craft compelling narratives, cultivate media relationships, and create a powerful brand presence that resonates with audiences.

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From limited visibility to brand building, PR contributes to crafting compelling narratives, enhancing credibility, and building trust among customers, clients, and donors. PR also helps secure positive media coverage, which differentiates businesses in competitive markets and boosts employee morale.

Our Philosophy

Exponential Squared's approach to business is steeped within philosophy, ecopsychology, Indigenous thinking, Systems theory, Organizational Development, Taoism, Buddhism, Ubuntu, and consciousness studies.

How does love inform business strategy? Click the button and discover this and other (un)related subjects in The Philosopher Files, an exploratory project of Exponential Squared.

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